Zircon-ceramic crowns to restore the beauty of the smile

By placement zircon-ceramic crowns in both jaws and treating bruxism and apnea, we restore the natural beauty of Emin's smile and the functionality of his jaw.


Dental procedures

  • Treatment of bruxism
  • Raising the bite
  • Installation of zircon-ceramic crowns
  • Apnea therapy
  • Complete aesthetic and functional jaw rehabilitation

Zircon-ceramic faithfully replicates the natural appearance of teeth, which significantly contributes to aesthetics

Emin contacted us because of difficulty with chewing and increased sensitivity of teeth that were completely abraded due to a parafunction called bruxism. Emin also suffers from sleep apnea, which is partially worsened with a lowered vertical bite, which is the result of excessive wear of his teeth. After the examination, we proposed a solution with zircon-ceramic crowns to the patient.

With the sophisticated smile design program, the patient got the first visual glimpse of his future smile even before the start of production and was able to participate in the creation of his ideal smile.


After defining the shape and color of the teeth and after several trials, we achieved a raised bite with zircon-ceramic crowns in both jaws as well as a beautiful and functional smile, which fulfilled all of Emin's wishes.

In parallel with complete rehabilitation, the patient also underwent therapy for sleep apnea, which led to the complete cessation of bruxism and complete rehabilitation of the vocal system.


To a new smile in three steps - Andrea


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