Modern laboratory - perfect results


As part of our polyclinic, there is a digital dental laboratory, which enables our dentists to create the highest quality prosthetic works, very precisely and quickly.

A combination of special skills and innovative technology

Imitating nature requires a special skill. This is exactly why at Dentum we leave nothing to chance. In our own dental laboratory, we gather 14 experienced and expert dental technicians, whose goal is to create temporary and permanent dental work of the best quality, combining our own creativity with top technology.

We use the most modern devices and 3D printing techniques to create a completely natural smile.

We use CAD/CAM computerized production of crowns and bridges with the latest 3D printer. We were among the first in Croatia to start working with Ivoclar PM7 technology and Straumann printers, which enable high precision and exceptional speed of manufacturing prosthetic works.

About devices and technology

Modern technology enables us to make precise prosthetic work in a shorter time.

We were among the first in Croatia to start using the Ivoclar PM7 milling machine, and we also use Sirona CEREC MC XL Practice Lab, Sirona inLab MC X5 and 3D printers to create works. These devices are essential for the precise fabrication of prosthetic restorations.

Ivoclar PrograMill PM7

PrograMill PM7 is a milling machine manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent, a company specialized in dental products and technologies. It is part of Ivoclar's CAD/CAM system, specially designed for the production of dental restorations.


We make prosthetic works from top quality titanium

Titanium is an anti-corrosive, light, biocompatible and extremely strong metal that enables the long-lasting quality of prosthetic works.

At the beginning of the 1950s, various industries began to introduce titanium and titanium alloys into production. Not long after, it began to be used in dentistry for the production of prosthetic replacements, due to its unique combination of chemical, physical and biological agents. For several decades, there has been no reported case of systemic, toxic or local allergy to titanium.

With the latest CAD/CAM device Ivoclar PM7, we are able to make prosthetic restorations from titanium alloys. The titanium structure for the All on 4 bridge is milled with the Imes-Icore device, which ensures exceptional precision and quality of work.

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