What is ShapeMySmile?

ShapeMySmile is an injection procedure of placing permanent composite veneers using the injection method. When creating a new smile, we use digital 3D design procedures and printing of models of the final appearance of the teeth. Using this model, we take an impression in transparent silicone as a mold into which the composite is injected, so the composite on your tooth takes the shape of the mold (designed at the first appointment).

The ShapeMySmile protocol consists of 3 steps.

This step allows us, together with the patient, to get an impression of what is possible to achieve with composite veneers during a visual consultation.


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How do we monitor the condition of the teeth under ShapeMySmile?

In this method, the tooth is maximally spared from additional interventions because this procedure is not invasive, but additive, meaning that the material is added to the tooth, without removing the existing dental tissue. The material is semi-transparent, so if there is a need for some sort of intervention (such as caries), we can very easily spot and treat it.

Is there a special care for new veneers and teeth? Can I use dental floss?

The recommended hygiene of composite veneers and teeth is regular brushing using a softer and less abrasive brush and toothpaste, and regular flossing between. Using this method, the teeth remain separated, so it is possible to floss. In the beginning, until you get used to the new size, it is recommended to use a splint that can be additionally made at the end of the procedure and worn during the night.

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“This method is the right choice for all patients who do not want to grind their healthy teeth. It is ideal for patients who want to find an affordable and effective solution for their smile. What I would like to emphasize about this method is that it is completely non-invasive - there is no need to grind healthy teeth.”

Dario Novak, DMD

ShapeMySmile method

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