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Zubni implantat

Dental implants

Dental implants are a long-term aesthetic and functional solution to the problem of missing one or more teeth.

Nobel Biocare implant placement


Straumann implant placement


Neodent implant placement


Neodent Aqua by Straumann implant placement


Multiunit abutment Nobel Biocare


Multiunit abutment Straumann


Multiunit abutment Neodent


Temporary screw-in abutment


Pterygoid Implant


Zygoma implant placement




The All-on-4 technique solves the problem of toothlessness or if the teeth are scheduled for extraction, and is popular all over the world because of its safety and success.

All-on-4 per jaw (*includes additional discount for both jaws)



Zygoma implant

Zygoma implants are a solution for patients with pronounced bone loss in the upper jaw, which restore the natural appearance of the smile and chewing function.

Zygoma implant placement


Oralna kirurgija_main (1)

Oral surgery

As a branch of dentistry, oral surgery includes various surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

Simple extraction


Complicated extraction


Pirmary tooth extraction


Surgical extraction


Internal maxillary sinus floor elevation


External maxillary sinus floor elevation and bone augmentation


Bone augmentation


Dentin graft


Resorptive membrane with pins


Resorptive membrane with pins


Crown lengthening












Gingivectomy (per tooth)



IV Sedation

IV sedation will help you get rid of your fear of the dentist.

IV Sedation (per hour)


Zubne krunice

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are a prosthetic replacement for a natural, damaged dental crown that replaces the natural tooth with quality and protects the rest from further deterioration.rite subject chance. Remain baby discussion American own than.

Zirconia ceramic crown


Zircon design crown


Circonia ceramic crown on implant


Screw-retained zirconia ceramic crown


Ceramic crown on wirron metal


Metal ceramic crown on implant


Screw-retained metal ceramic crown



Ceramic veneer

Dental veneers are the ideal solution for a real Hollywood smile, improving the color, shape and size of the teeth and providing an aesthetically attractive smile.

Ceramic veneer




The ShapeMySmile method is a process of non-invasive smile beautification in three steps, designed by Dr. med. dent. Novak Dario and Dentum polyclinic.

ShapeMySmile Lite


ShapeMySmile Midi


ShapeMySmile Full


Professional lamp whitening / one jaw


Professional lamp whitening / both jaws


Teeth whitening 'night-white' with bite - both jaws


Whitening gel - both jaw


Intraoral stabilizer whitening


Digital Smile Simulation


Dermal filler - Belotero Intense 1ml




Invisalign orthodontic therapy allows teeth to be straightened without metal braces, using transparent and almost invisible straightening splints.

Therapy plan for Invisalign


Invisalign i7 - one jaw


Invisalign i7 - both jaws


Invisalign Lite - one jaw


Invisalign Lite - both jaws


Invisalign Moderate - one jaw


Invisalign Moderate - both jaws


Invisalign Full


Fiksna ortodoncija

Fixed orthodontics

Orthodontic therapy corrects the incorrect position of the teeth and the relationship between the jaws.

Clear braces - fixed appliance per jaw


Metal braces - fixed appliance per jaw - children


Metal braces - fixed appliance per jaw - adults


Metal braces - fixed appliance per jaw - complex


Retainers (after orthodontic therapy)


Lingual arch






Extrusion of an impacted tooth (per tooth)


Orthodontic Anchorage



Clear correct

Clear Correct therapy is a series of transparent splints and is a modern orthodontic solution for straightening teeth.

Therapy plan for ClearCorrect


ClearCorrect FLEX - each aligner


ClearCorrect MINI - both jaws


ClearCorrect ONE - both jaws


ClearCorrect TWO - both jaws


ClearCorrect UNLIMITED - both jaws




Periodontology enables the timely rescue of decaying teeth and gums and gums (periodontal disease).

Periodontal therapy per quadrant


Periodontal preparation (short-term therapy) per jaw


Long-term therapy and periodontal disease monitoring - 1 year (per jaw)


Non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis (per implant)


Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis (per implant)


Recession coverage autogenous tissue graft (per tooth)


Recession coverage dermo matrix - Mucoderm (per tooth)


Application od bioregenerative materials - Emdogain



X-ray diagnostics

X-ray diagnostics is the first step towards better oral health.West physical figure bank ready. Recognize know summer like remain clearly.

Specialist orthodontic consultation


Panoramic dental X-ray


Panoramic X-Ray


Dental scan (CT) - segment


Dental scan (CT) - one jaw


Dental scan (CT) - both jaws


Dental scan (CT) for Zygomatic implants



General dentistry

General dentistry includes basic dental services to maintain oral health.

Composite filling (single surface)


Composite filling (more surfaces)


Dental sealant


Premedication for root canal treatment


Root canal treatment - 1 canal


Root canal treatment - 4 canals


Fiber/Cast metal post and core


Freehand bonding


Injection bonding


ICON method


Emergency intervention


Tartar removal / per jaw


Tartar removal with sandblasting / both jaws


Clear correct


Dental prosthetics reconstruct deficient or missing teeth in order to maintain oral function, and the appearance and health of teeth.

Temporary crown CAD CAM


Temporary teeth


Immediate denture


Complete denture (acrylic)


Complete denture (wirron)


Denture adjustment






Sports splint


Wax up


Mock up