A perfect smile with ShapeMySmile

Thanks to the ShapeMySmile method, Andrea got a perfect smile again.


Dental procedures

  • Smile Design
  • Mock-up
  • Composite veneers

The ShapeMySmile method is a process of non-invasive smile beautification using a sophisticated program

Andrea approached us with the desire to close the space (diastema) between the upper front teeth. Thanks to the ShapeMySmile method, we gave her an ideal smile.

At the first free examination, we decided on the method of increasing teeth with the help of composite veneers. With the sophisticated Smile Design program, Andrea participated in the creation of her ideal smile, getting an insight into the appearance of her future smile even before the start of creation.


Before the final production, Andrea was able to try out the new teeth, the so-called with a mock-up to get an impression of her new smile and to make changes if necessary.

Then followed the procedure of injecting the composite with the help of a mold, in which we glued the composite veneers permanently on the teeth and thus created an ideal smile.


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