VisagiSmile technology – digital smile simulation

Reflecting the personality into the smile!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you didn't have a gap between your front teeth or what your teeth would look like if you decided to install ceramic veneers or crowns? The solution is a modern technology that allows the patient to see and feel the difference that the proposed dental procedure will provide.

VisagiSmile is a software that creates a natural and proportional look through detailed analysis of facial characteristics, while allowing you to participate in the creation of your own new smile. In addition to analyzing the characteristics of the face in detail, VisagiSmile when designing a smile takes into account the character traits of the patient such as emotional characteristics and his behavior in order for the result to outline the patient completely, i.e. to ultimately achieve a completely personalized smile. Unlike other similar software on the market, VisagiSmile places special emphasis on a smile that will reflect the personality of the patient, not just satisfy the aesthetic role. The primary goal of dentum clinic is to meet the patient's aesthetic requirements while taking care of the functionality of dental work and the natural appearance of teeth. When designing a new smile, the patient works with the dentist to ultimately get the desired result – an ideal smile.

Designing a smile can include changing the position of your teeth, correcting the shape and size of your teeth, changing the color of your teeth, and correcting the relationship between teeth and gums. Before the digital analysis of the smile, the dentist photographs the patient, and according to the photo, a projection of the future appearance of the teeth is made. Also, the patient solves the personality survey that the software processes and reflects into the final proposal of the solution. Based on the results obtained, a therapy plan is agreed and a test of the proposed design can be started with the so-called mock-up. For the patient, mock-up represents a real experience of the final solution, i.e. the possibility to experience the shape, size and position of the teeth, and for the dentist confirmation of the performance and possible correction if necessary.

The process of creating an ideal smile takes place in two stages. The first phase involves the first examination and VisagiSmile digital simulation of a smile after a photo of the patient is entered into the computer. At this stage, if the patient agrees, a mock-up print can be taken. The dentist, together with the patient, first digitally designs the desired smile, after which the print with the proposed solution is sent to the technicians for mock-up. In the second phase of the process, the patient is placed mock-up and at that moment potential corrections in appearance and further work are agreed.

Advantages of Visagi Smile technology for the patient:

  • Patient participation in creating the ideal smile – visualization of the final solution
  • Includes the personality of the patient in the design - personalization of the smile
  • The possibility of consultation with the dentist regarding all the changes that are intended to be achieved
  • Getting a ''test'' mock-up that simulates the final look of a smile
  • The speed of getting the final appearance of teeth after therapy
  • Uniqueness – individualized approach

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