Foreign insurance and dental procedures in Croatia

In recent years, the popularity of dental tourism has been growing. Dental tourism is a trip abroad to perform dental procedures. The most common reasons why patients decide to undergo the procedure outside their country are the price and waiting time for the procedure. In some countries, there are very long waiting lists for services covered by basic health insurance, while private clinics are very often too expensive a choice and represent a luxury for a large number of patients.

In his business, Dentum has encountered numerous inquiries related to foreign insurance and dental procedures that they cover. According to the EU Directive (Directive 2011/24/EU), all citizens of the European Union who have basic health insurance in their country, have the right to go abroad and receive compensation for the costs of their insurance. Under this Directive, each EU member state can organise its own cost reimbursement system, so the Directive is optional. Accordingly, the possibilities of refunding spent abroad vary from country to country.

In most cases, when a patient decides to undergo a procedure abroad, he has two options to seek reimbursement. On the basis of the offer, which he received on the basis of orthopan or after the first examination, he may receive information in advance in which percentage he will receive reimbursement of costs. At the same time, the patient should submit all the necessary documentation such as X-rays, data on the clinic and dentist with whom the procedure is planned to be performed and the calculation of the cost of the procedure. In the second case, he can claim reimbursement of costs even after the procedure has been performed and the procedure is the same, except that the patient receives information about the percentage of reimbursement of costs only after returning to his country.

A large number of Dentum patients come from Austria and Germany and our office is very familiar with the insurance procedures of these countries. Most often it is AOK insurance, which in some cases covers up to 70% of dental procedures. In order to be eligible for a refund, the patient submits the Heil-und-Kostenplan form, which we fill out in Dentum, and is accompanied by a therapy plan, i.e. offer in German. After a certain period of time has passed, the patient receives information about procedures that can be covered by insurance and decides to start therapy. Due to the regulation of the German and Austrian health insurance systems, it is extremely important to follow the protocol and meet their rules in order for the patient to receive a refund.

Dentum, as a recognized clinic in Croatia and Europe, approaches procedures requiring insurance extremely conscientiously and responsibly. Through years of work, our clinic has gained great experience and numerous satisfied patients.

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