Dentum Smiles: What our patients are saying


The satisfaction of our patients with their smile is our priority, except of course their health. That's why it means a lot to us when we receive a message like this:

"From the first moment I had the interview, I knew I had chosen the right people. The treatment, the staff, the clinic, everything was fantastic and now after 10 months I have completed my 4th and last visit. I have a beautiful smile and Can't wait to recommend them to my friends in Wales. Dentum, thank you! Wayne Harris"

United Kingdom

Wayne's dental problem:

Wayne struggled with unstable prosthesis for years. He hid his smile, couldn't eat normally and avoided socializing. But then he finally took his life into his own hands - he decided to go for a dental procedure abroad and visited Dentum!


After examining Wayne and establishing the state of health of his oral cavity, Dr. Andrei, our dentist, concluded that for Wayne the best solution would be the All-on-4 method of both jaws because unfortunately it was not possible to save his natural teeth. The remaining teeth were extracted and Wayne was given fixed dentures that look just the way he wanted. He finally has his smile again!

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