What are the experiences of patients with Dentum Clinic?


Choosing a dental clinic and dentist is no small thing and that is why people often seek advice from their loved ones and acquaintances.

If you are currently at a stage of life where you want to work on your smile, you must have thrown yourself into the search for a dental clinic to which you will entrust your smile and health. And yes, the choice is not easy because there are a multitude of clinics and dentists and each stands out for something. In this case, the experiences of others give the most faithful picture of the work of the individual clinic and facilitate the final choice.

Dentum clinic from its beginnings measures its success in the number of patientsmiles. We believe that our patients are the greatest promoters and ambassadors of Dentum. Any praise or criticism gives us insight into our work and helps us take our service to an even higher level.

As we believe our Dentum story is best told by our patients, we will share with you some of the 290 left reviews of our patients on Google! :)

Dentum Clinic's review score based on 290 reviews is 4.9/5.

You can check out all google reviews at the link: Google Reviews Dentum.

You are our patient and would like to leave a review? Just click HERE and share your experience with others, help them in their decision! :)

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