The Ultimate Guide to Implants: Part 2


Welcome to the second part of our ultimate implant guide.

As in other industries, there is a large number of implant systems in the dental industry. But how do you know which brand of dental implants is one you can trust and that is in line with your expectations?

This second part of our ultimate guide is designed to answer your questions: find out why renowned dental implant brands are a much safer choice than unfamiliar systems!

Which dental implants should I choose and why?

In order to understand why it is always better to opt for top brands such as Nobel Biocare and Straumann, it is important to find out how these brands have earned their status as highly regarded implant manufacturers.

Brief historical overview

In this field, the pioneers were two companies that still work today. It was back in 1963 and 1964 when they opened a new chapter of dental medicine with the development of dental implants. These two companies are Nobel Biocare (previously called Branemark) and Straumann.

For many years, Nobel Biocare and Straumann were the only ones to produce dental implants, while in today's market there are hundreds of them. However, these companies two along with only a handful of other reputable companies, are among the world leaders in terms of reliability, quality, development and clinical trials.

To clarify this, we can draw parallels with the automotive industry and compare a traditional and development company, such as Audi, with a newer one. Although their cars may look identical, there is much more behind Audi than the name itself: quality, tradition and a large amount of research achieve the highest level of quality. We believe that the world of dental implants must be viewed in the same way.

Why some implant manufacturers are a safer choice than others

The most important thing when choosing a dental implant is that you are sure that your chosen manufacturer is a reputable and globally recognized company. This is important for two reasons:

Reason No. 1:

We are confident that you want your implants to last for a long time and that you want to make sure that your implant has proven to meet your expectations. This implies that the manufacturer has conducted many years of clinical trials - the longer, the better.

Reason No. 2:

You can be sure that the company that makes these implants will exist in 20 years, that they will not fail. Many times it has happened that a company that produces dental implants simply ceases to exist.

If something happens in the future, and you need to repair your implants, there must be spare parts to repair, right? It is our opinion that it is simply not worth the risk. The price difference is not so great, and this is a way to choose a good and reliable implant system.

9 risks and disadvantages of choosing implants from an unknown manufacturer and parts that are not original:

  • Lack of long-term clinical trials.
  • A combination of copies with original parts.
  • Parts do not stand firmly in place, micropores that are formed due to an insufficient compound can be a source of entry of bacteria, which can result in infection of bone or gums.
  • Original parts combined with copies result in a loss of warranty and complete disclaimer of the manufacturer of original parts.
  • A higher risk of breakage in parts that are not original.
  • Limited possibilities.
  • Limited selection of implants and prosthetic parts.
  • Uncertain long-term presence on the market, with the consequence of the inability to carry out repairs later.
  • Statistical indicators of the number of low-cost implants that have appeared and disappeared from the market in the last five years pose a risk to patients.


Inexpensive implant system = long-term uncertainty

In Dentum, it can choose from leading implant systems from Straumann or Nobel Biocare.