Implants - dentist's advice


Here you will find tips on how to care for implants and how to behave in case you can not immediately come to your dentist.

Tips on how to maintain dental implants

Just as proper oral hygiene for natural teeth should be observed, it is also necessary to take care of implants.

Tips for maintaining dental implants:

  • use fluoride-rich toothpastes
  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • use a quality (soft) brush or interdental brush
  • Avoid sugar, especially beverages that contain a lot of sugar.
  • use mouthwash
  • change the brush regularly (every 3 months)
  • use floss to get rid of the rest of the food between your teeth

Temporary teeth - how to look after them until we get permanent work?

Temporary teeth should be looked after daily by patients: they should chop food before eating (e.g. do not bite a sandwich with their teeth) and maintain oral hygiene. Temporary teeth are made of sturdy and durable materials that can function in the mouth for up to 6 months.

Do not forget that you have not yet received permanent labor and preserve your temporary teeth as best you can.

I'm in therapy and I've had an implant implanted, how much can it stand like that?

If you have installed an implant, and you have not been able to get a crown on it - there is no strict time limit for how much it can stand like that. The condition of the implant and how much it can stand in the bone without loading depends mostly on the patient's body, i.e. physiological processes.

It can certainly stand for a year, but after a while there is a physiological resorption of that part of the bone because there is no transfer of stimuli to the bone itself by the masticatory forces. Be careful and avoid chewing on the side where your implant is placed.

Implants - how to clean the threads in the mouth?

If you have threads in your mouth, clean them with an ear stick dipped in mouthwash solution (preferably Curasept) or toothpaste foam when brushing your teeth (take foam with your finger and run over the sores).

Temporary dentures and implants

In case you have received implants and temporary dentures, wear it as little as possible. When you're at home and you don't have to have it, you always prefer to take it off. Wear it only for the sake of aesthetics when you have to be among people.

Steps for a temporary prosthesis before bedtime:

  • remove the prosthesis,
  • clean it with a brush and paste,
  • leave it in a glass with water (when it is not in the mouth, the prosthesis must be moist),
  • once a week leave the prosthesis overnight in a glass with an effervescent Corega tablet that serves to clean the prosthesis.

Do not forget: When the prosthesis is not in the mouth, it should always be wet.

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