10 years of dental health, for a life full of memories


We're celebrating 10 years of Dentum!

This year is special for us. Special because we're celebrating our 10th birthday.

2023. we turned 10 years old.

As the big day approached, we reflected on the importance of celebrating the anniversary and what it all entails. We think anniversaries are more than jubilees, we believe they can open up space for all employees to stop and think about the journey together that makes Dentum the way it is today and recognize their role in it. With that in mind, we don't gloat. We don't brag. We're just glad, grateful and proud to have come this far together. At a time when we can so easily feel disconnected from each other, our anniversary was an opportunity not only to celebrate the culture and values of Dentum, but also to strengthen the sense of friendship and togetherness that we thus cherish.

Each year, we look back at different performance measurements from previous years to "measure" success and make decisions about what we will focus on next, what we can improve so that we can always provide our patients with that "extra mile" that makes us love us. With the celebration of this anniversary, we decided to reflect on the moments that shaped us.

A lot has changed over the years at Dentum. Fortunately, many things have remained the same. We were founded in 2013 because we wanted to offer the level of dental service we thought was missing. To provide patients with the experience of visiting the dentist as pleasantas socializing with family. We believed we were small enough to be personal, but big enough to offer superior service. Over the years, we've preserved something uncompromising — our core values and our commitment to staying true to our strong roots while humbly and proudly showing how we grew, where we came from, and where we're going.

These days, we think intensively about the relationships we have built with our patients, family and friends who have pushed our business forward, the longstanding partnerships that have evolved and strengthened over time, and new partnerships that promise exciting opportunities for the future.

"When we launched the then Dental Center b2 in 2013 and the current Dentum, I could not even dream of where this path would lead us. There were a lot of difficult moments, but with the people we had by our side and that we still have everything was somehow easier and almost nothing was a problem to make. I am extremely proud of the entire Dentum team and it is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this story. Dentum has given me everything and has fully achieved me both professionally and personally."

Andrej Božić

"We have always tried to be dedicated to the well-being of the patient, from his first contact to leaving the clinic. Dedication to the patient, commitment to quality without exception, and bringing together quality people working as a team have allowed us to be where we are today. We want to be recognized as one of the highest quality dental health clinics in the region. Every day we raise the bar so that everyone can experience staying in our clinic as one positive experience with every Dentum employee and we will continue to do so..."

Petar Bago

"Maximum commitment to patients over these 10 years is the only reason why we are where we are now, one of the most recognizable dental clinics in the region. At first it sounds simple, but getting into a position to generate the largest number of patients based on recommendations for years is not at all easy. In the process, each of us employees is essential, all 70 currently employed. I'm really proud of all the people behind this great success."

Ivica Milardović

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary and reflect on it, we express our deepest gratitude to all our patients. This year will be filled with opportunities for them, to build new relationships, overcome inevitable challenges and create opportunities for new smiles.

In gratitude, we have provided various discounts and benefits for existing and new patients throughout the birthday year. Whether you need a routine descaling cleansing or a brand new smile, we're here for you! Look at the benefits: https://10godina.dentum.com/.

Happy Dentum's 10th anniversary!