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Dental prosthetics reconstruct deficient or missing teeth in order to maintain oral function, and the appearance and health of teeth.


Always a better solution

Dental prostheses are made of biocompatible materials and can be removable or permanently fixed. If you are wondering which would be the better option - fixed prosthetics are almost always the better solution, as they are aesthetically and functionally more appealing.

The most common fixed dental prosthetics


A tooth crown is a prosthetic replacement for the natural tooth crown that has been destroyed. There are several types of ceramic crowns, from metal ceramic to zirconium ceramic crowns. All ceramic crowns are state-of-the-art in the current dental medicine. They most naturally mimic natural teeth, are fully biocompatible and are the best for gums. When most of the tooth structure is destroyed, a ceramic crown is the best choice, as it best replaces the natural features of your tooth and protects the remainder from further decay.


Bridges are an alternative to implants. Missing teeth are replaced by ceramic ones supported by the proximate teeth on both sides. The supporting teeth are abraded and fitted with ceramic crowns that hold the replacement teeth.

About 5 to 7 days are needed to make crowns and bridges. Of course, the duration of the procedure will depend on the condition of your gums and the teeth that need to be prepared for the prosthetic work, and you will learn more about this after your first appointment with the dentist.

The most common mobile dental prosthetics


Dentures are the most economical solution in case of total or partial tooth loss. Some patients tolerate prosthetics exceptionally well. However the vast majority of people have difficulty in getting accustomed to them. Most patients accept implant supported prothetics very well, and the situation may sometimes be conducive to it. Such prosthetics are significantly smaller, they are fixed in the mouth and are more pleasant to wear. They are and functionally incomparable to dental prosthetics that are not held by implants (in terms of chewing and speech).


Metal-ceramic crown
Zirconium-ceramic crown
Ceramic veneer
Complete denture (acrylic)
Complete denture (wirron)
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