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Orthodontics is the practice of correcting the improper positioning of teeth and jaws

Aesthetic dentistry

Contributes to both your appearance and health

Despite the common belief that orthodontics is intended exclusively to improve the appearance of teeth, it should also be noted that it is key in maintaining a healthy bite, and the health of jaw joints, muscles and the surrounding gum tissue.

Contemporary orthodontic therapy is suitable and successful for all age groups, particularly when the bone structure and gums are healthy.

Invisalign® - Up to 50% faster treatment times compared to other orthodontic treatments

The Invisalign® orthodontic treatment allows for the straightening of teeth without metal braces, using clear and almost invisible aligners. At your first appointment for the Invisalign treatment, a virtual treatment plan will be created. With this plan, you will be able to see exactly what your smile will look like after treatment. If you agree with the pictured outcome, a series of personalised aligners will be created for you, where each aligner will make slight adjustments to the positioning of your teeth.

The aligners are constructed from the material SmartTrack®, making them almost invisible. It is recommended that you wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours per day in order to achieve the maximum effect. You can remove the aligner only when eating or performing oral hygiene. As you gradually change the aligners, your teeth will be shifted into the desired position.

Aesthetic dentistry


Specialist orthodontic consultation
30,00 €
Clear braces fixed orthodontic appliance per jaw
1.320,00 €
Metal braces fixed orthodontic appliance per jaw
1.000,00 €
Metal braces fixed orthodontic appliance per jaw - children
1.000,00 €
Metal braces fixed orthodontic appliance per jaw - complex
1.190,00 €
Treatment plan for the Invisalign® treatment
500,00 €
Invisalign® i7/ one jaw
970,00 €
Invisalign® i7/ both jaws
1.350,00 €
Invisalign® Lite/ one jaw
1.790,00 €
Invisalign® Lite/ both jaws
2.280,00 €
Invisalign® Full
3.320,00 €
Payment methods include cash, bank transfer and cards. Get an extra 5% discount for paying with cash or via bank transfer.

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