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Information about the Institution

Name: DENTUM d.o.o. for general dental medicine, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, dental pathology and endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery, dental laboratory activities, and radiology - orthopantomography.

Short Name: Dental Clinic DENTUM

Headquarters: Gradišćanska Street 36, 10000 Zagreb

CIN: 03815586564

Registration Number: 080806433

Relevant Register: Commercial Court in Zagreb

Bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d.

IBAN: HR8523600001102296655

Share Capital: N/A

Person Authorized to Represent: Gordan Muškić, Director

Email Address: smile@dentum.com

Phone: +385 (01) 5802333

The institution is registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb.

Dental Clinic DENTUM (hereinafter: the Company) provides relevant information about its products and services via its website at www.dentum.com.

The User agrees that by accessing the Website, they accept the currently valid General Terms.

The Website may be temporarily unavailable or available only to a limited extent due to regular maintenance or system upgrades, technical difficulties, force majeure, or other causes. The Company and its affiliated third parties are not responsible, to the extent permitted by applicable law, regardless of the cause or duration, for any unavailability of the Website, any delays, interruptions in the transmission of information, partial or complete interruptions, or errors in operation and/or technical issues that may result in incorrect data processing and any claims or losses arising from this. The User agrees that the use of the Website depends on internet access and network availability.

The Company is not liable to the User for any damages or expenses that may arise or be related to the use of the Website, nor for any damage that may occur to third parties through the use or operation of the Website.

The Company may control the content on the Website at any time, especially the interactive part, to ensure compliance with these Terms and the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Accordingly, the Company reserves the right to remove any material that, in its sole discretion, is deemed not in compliance with these Terms, as well as to terminate passwords or user accounts of Users.

Users are prohibited from posting or transmitting any data that threatens or restricts the rights of third parties, inappropriate or illegal actions, particularly those related to the violation of third-party privacy, offensive or discriminatory content, or advertising third parties.

Users may not use the Website for advertising or conducting any commercial, religious, political, or non-commercial promotion, including soliciting other users of the Website to join another online or offline service that constitutes direct or indirect competition or potential competition to the Company.

In the event of any unacceptable behavior by the User when using the Website, or in the event of non-compliance with the General Terms, the Company is authorized to terminate the business relationship with the User, terminate their user account, including deleting account data, and use permitted legal means to protect its rights.

The User is solely responsible for procuring and maintaining their computer equipment, including all hardware and software they own and use, as well as other equipment necessary for accessing and using the Website, and they bear all related costs. The Company excludes any liability for any damage to the User's equipment and other belongings that may result from the use of the Website.

All information provided on the Website (such as offers with prices, treatment plans, etc.) is informative and aims to inform the User as precisely as possible. Exact information can be obtained by the User during their first visit to the Company based on a precisely determined necessary therapy or procedure.


The Company may enable the User to communicate via chat, email, or other forms of telecommunication, depending on the information available on the Website. These forms of communication can be used exclusively for inquiries about the activities and services provided by the Company unless otherwise specified in these General Terms.

The Company will not act on orders and other instructions received via chat, email, or other forms of telecommunication that do not allow for the certainty of the identity of the sender, nor will it communicate information that constitutes medical and/or business secrets by law through these communication channels.

Telecommunications must not be used or abused for exchanging messages, photos, video materials, or audio materials that are prohibited, immoral, offensive, threatening, or political, that infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights, that contain viruses or other malicious programs, or that otherwise negatively affect the operational systems of the Company or others.

If the User violates any of the obligations from the previous paragraph of these General Terms, the Company is authorized to immediately and without prior warning terminate the established telecommunication connection with the User.

Messages exchanged between the Company and the User via email, chat, or other forms of telecommunication are confidential and intended exclusively for the User to whom they are sent, and the User agrees not to disclose or provide them to third parties or the public without the prior written consent of the Company.

The Website contains materials protected by copyright, trademarks, designs, and other rights of physical and legal persons. These materials include, but are not limited to, texts, software, photos, video materials, graphics, music, sound, and the entire content of the Website. All materials (texts, photos, images, drawings, audio and video materials, etc.), protected product and service marks (trademarks), logos, and other content on the Website are exclusively the right of the Company or are used with the express permission of the copyright holders and trademark/design holders.

Any copying, distribution, transmission, publishing, reproduction, modification, revision, transferring, linking, deep linking, creating derivative works, or altering the Website in any way without the express written consent of the Company is strictly prohibited.

Any violation of this article that may result in copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or any other form of intellectual property infringement may lead to civil, commercial, and/or criminal and/or misdemeanor prosecution of the perpetrator. It is not permitted to copy, redistribute, retransmit, issue, or commercially exploit downloaded material without the express written consent of the Company and the copyright holder.

The User may download, print, and store copyright-protected materials only for their own use. The use and printing of the content from the Website is allowed exclusively for the purpose of informing and personal, non-commercial use by the User.

The User agrees not to post, publish, or otherwise make available any material on this Website that is subject to copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights without the express permission of the rights holder.

The Company is not obligated to inform the User or assist them in determining whether a particular material is subject to copyright.

To avoid any doubt, by using or accessing this Website, the User does not acquire, expressly or implicitly, any right of exploitation, license, or right to use a trademark, patent, design, copyright, or other rights belonging to the Company and/or third parties. The User is responsible for complying with copyright and other intellectual property rights concerning these contents.

Users may express dissatisfaction with the purchased product or service provided by the Company by submitting a complaint in one of the following ways:

  • In person at the address: Zagreb, Gradišćanska Street 36
  • Via email to: smile@dentum.com

The complaint must include the User's name, surname, and address to enable the Company to respond.

The Company undertakes to confirm receipt of the complaint in writing without delay.

The Company undertakes to provide a written response to the complaint within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, clearly stating whether the complaint is accepted as justified.


For any disputes regarding the interpretation, application, or execution of these General Terms, the Company and the User will try to resolve them amicably. If the Company and the User cannot resolve the dispute amicably, the competent court in Zagreb will have jurisdiction for resolving disputes.

The Company will have the current General Terms published on its Website and will ensure their availability in its premises and provide them for inspection upon the User's request.

The Company reserves the right to modify and/or supplement the text of the General Terms at any time. In such a case, the Company will make the new valid text of the General Terms available on its Website and in its business premises. Any modification or repeal of the General Terms will take effect upon publication on the Website.


If one or more provisions of these General Terms are determined to be void, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions, which will remain in effect and fully applicable. If any provision of these General Terms is found to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the General Terms will remain fully in effect. If any provision of these General Terms is declared void, such void provision will be immediately replaced with a new provision that will be legally valid and, to the extent possible, achieve the purpose and intention of the void provision.

The interpretation, application, and legal effects of these General Terms are governed by Croatian law, as well as for all claims and disputes arising from the use of the Website.

If any party does not exercise its rights under the General Terms, this will not be considered a waiver or loss of such rights in the future, nor of any other rights under these General Terms.

These General Terms come into effect on the date of publication on the Website.

For any questions not regulated by these General Terms, the Company directs Users to contact via email: smile@dentum.com.

DENTUM d.o.o.

Headquarters: Zagreb, Gradišćanska Street 36

CIN: 3815586564

Registration Number: 2906139

Registry Court: Commercial Court in Zagreb

Registered ID Number: 80806433

Business Bank: