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Tony S.
Derek R.
Barbara W.

I am very willing to tell others about my experience. I first saw your advert on facebook & as I had just lost one of my front teeth with the rest gradually crumbling away, I had no hesitation in getting in touch. My enquiry was dealt with efficiently but friendly and gave me great confidence in my choice. All the arrangements were made and I was made to feel very welcome. I had no fears that this was the right way to go. The free accommodation was great as were the facilities. Every step of my treatment was done professionally with very little discomfort & I couldn't be more pleased with the end result after 3 implants, numerous root canals, crowns etc. Its the best my teeth have ever looked my whole life and I couldn't be more grateful for the painstaking care and thoroughness of the doctor & staff. I would happily recommend them to everyone who has a dental problem.

Brenda Ann J.
Andrew C.

Wow! what can I say? I have to confess that when I first heard about Dentum's work, I was a bit sceptical, because it seemed too good to be true. Even when I visited the website, I still wasn't convinced. However, I was eventually persuaded by my husband to keep an open mind, as he had conducted a lot of research into dental tourism and had seen the excellent work done on one of his friends by Dentum. We both decided to 'go for it'. The process couldn't be simpler. We took some x-rays at a local dentist which were emailed to Zagreb. After a few days, we received a detailed list of work needed and a quote which was valid for three months. We then had a long talk with a Dentum staff member after which we booked our flights. The next step was straightforward. We arrived in Zagreb and were picked up by a friendly driver for the twenty minute trip to the centre. We were booked into the complimentary accommodation by the very pleasant staff members and arranged our first appointment with a doctor for later that day. Then the serious business began. We arrived on the 5th floor (the accommodation and centre are in the same building) at a slick, modern and highly efficient operation. Everyone we met - from the reception and customer care staff to the dental assistants and doctors - were friendly, focused and professional...and had great teeth! My main reason for going was that I was born without the two smaller canines and had a sizeable gap between my upper teeth, so there was a lot of empty space. I was teased mercilessly as a child, and as an adult, I didn't smile that often in public, due to embarrassment - even on my wedding day. I wanted Dentum to work some magic on them and give me a 'Hollywood Smile'. My doubts surfaced again, not because I wasn't impressed by the professionalism of the Dentum team (they're first class), but because I had been told by other dentists that I would need extensive, long term work to achieve this. Dentum's solution would result in a very small gap and a very big smile. Fingers crossed! The initial three-day visit was a blur. There were x-rays and a lot of testing and checking using what looked to me like state-of-the-art equipment. The second trip is where the bulk of the work was done. We were there for a week and boy, what a week! I won't lie to you, it was very painful initially. But the pain was more than compensated for by the 'surprise gift' Dentum gave me: a gleaming set of teeth with no gaps! Somehow, the doctors had managed to use cosmetic wizardry to create a set of natural looking, strong and very comfortable teeth. I had my Hollywood smile! Since then, I can't stop smiling. I have to say, that it is the best investment I have ever made. My husband (who also had work done and is a huge fan of the Dentum team), says he's never seen me happier. I can't thank Dentum enough. I not only have a new set of teeth, but a new lease of life.. With gratitude, Marcia C.

Marcia C
Andrew C.

There are not enough words to explain how I feel about my new smile. I had a lot of work done and this is not a cheap option, but compared to the UK its 70% cheaper. This dental surgery has state of the arts equipment and the most amazing surgeons and dental staff. I literally can not stop smiling. Thank you x

Mark B.
Chris F.

Wonderful professional care from the first consultation to the final fitting of my new teeth I could not be any happier as my smile shows.

David D.
Scott E.

Was recommended by friends & wasn’t disappointed. Ultra friendly & professional staff. Only stage one completed but can’t wait to return to complete the procedure. Very happy so far. Thank you.

Deborah F.
Shani T.
John & Jenny W.
Mike T.