To a beautiful smile with Invisalign therapy and the ShapeMySmile metho

With orthodontic Invisalign therapy and the original ShapeMySmile method, Ana regained a beautiful smile and a better bite.


Dental procedures

  • Invisalign therapy
  • ShapeMySmile
  • Composite veneers

Invisalign can very quickly solve almost all problems with crooked bite and teeth

Due to bruxism and an inappropriate bite, Ana excessively wore down her upper front teeth. After the first examination, we advised her on Invisalign therapy to correct her bite. At the end of the therapy and the establishment of a new bite and new interjaw relationships, we got space for the aesthetic reconstruction of the upper front teeth and a complete makeover.

With the sophisticated Smile Design program, Ana participated in the creation of her ideal smile and had the opportunity to try out new teeth, that is, the so-called mock-up to get an impression of her new smile. Injecting the composite with the help of a mold in which the composite veneers were permanently glued to the teeth resulted in a beautiful and harmonious smile.



Orthodontics and ShapeMySmile - Helen


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